A Couple That Loves To Plan…….Everything.

Lena has been fine-tuning her events skillset for more than 8 years, with world class event expertise under her belt, creating events for an enviable list of clients. She prides herself as a one stop solution-oriented problem solver, ensuring every event experience she manages is smooth and executed to perfection, every time.

Wayne comes from a 10 year culinary background and helmed as an Executive Chef of a catering arm previously. His experiences in the events catering company allowed him to have a more hands on approach on how we execute our events from a more holistic point of view.

They decided to marry (literally) their passions together and conceived Ink & Execute Event Consultancy in this event(ful) matrimony.

They are driven by that high they get from the pats on their backs at the end of each event and of course that laughter and smile from their very satisfied clients at the end of the night. You can’t put a price tag on that kind of accomplished feeling.